Thursday, March 26, 2009

Video #17 "Urban Art Forms"

I have always loved Graffiti that goes beyond the visual pollution of mindless tags and enters the realm of Urban Art. One of the things that I have come to love about Rio is the endless supply of eye candy in the form of gorgeous installations of high quality street art.

After years of fighting against the growing prevalence of graffiti in Rio, the city designated certain areas “legal” for emerging graffiti artists to explore their craft.
A few days ago, we took a tour of some of the incredibly long murals that stretch along the walls of the Batofogo District. Entire blocks of this part of the city are covered in colorfully surreal art.. Everywhere you go around Rio, you will find all varieties of creative, vibrant, masterful art. From street posts, to circuit breakers boxes, to walls, to fire hydrant; in the world of graffiti the possibilities for a canvas are limited only by the imagination of the artist.
Driving, exploring the urban art scene, climbing, surfing, and even the nightlife is an adventure here in Rio! So…stay tuned for more dispatches as we explore the amazing climbing and highlining potential that abounds in this unique and diverse city.


  1. Hi Cedar!
    I´m Rafael from Mila´s house, I maded that paint on her wall saturday! Nice to meet you man, thanks a lot for recording the paint. I will paint on friday as I told you. You should come!
    Amazing movie bro, nice arts! Actually, this wall you are stand in front is mine! ehehhe GREAT!

    My e-mail and MSN is


  2. What pack is Renan wearing at 0:59? Looks cool :-D