Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The Competitor's Spirit" with Sierra Blair-Coyle

So, I am helping Blue Water Ropes create a blog which will feature their athletes and mere mortals climbing on their ropes! This is the first video I created specifically for http://bluewaterropes.blogspot.com/ featuring Sierra Blair-Coyle who at fifteen years old is one of the top American competitive boulderers in the world. Read more...

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Caminhando a Slackline" Serra do Cipo's first Highline!!!

Hugo and I set up this spectacular line using all natural pro. Without bolts to add confidence, Hugo was a little sketched that the whole thing was going to blow...but I felt pretty confident in the setup! Everyday after climbing for the two weeks the line was up, we would spend the hour before sunset walking the line.

Soon I was turning, surfing, and playing on the line like I do on low lines. That was when I began to toy with the idea of leaving the leash behind and walking the line on it's own terms...full commitment...full adrenaline...balls to the wall as they say! Right as the sun was going down I took a lap with the leash, untied, and then walked it solo. All I can say is that it was an intense moment of pure focus, and when I reached the other side I truly felt that I had broken through to a new reality...it was a great feeling!!!

This slackline is right at the summit of a classic 5.11d route called "Murias," which I warmed up on many times while in Cipo...one day it felt right and I climbed the route sans rope...thus completing two wild solo goals which I had set for my self!! I left Cipo feeling like I had sharpened my focus and found the edge that I was looking for!!! I look back now on these moments as priceless and dreamlike!!! I'm already planning my next trip to Brazil!!!

It's time for a flashback to Serra do Cipo Brazil...as I dig through the rather overwhelming amount of footage I realize what an incredible adventure those three and a half months were. For sure one of the highlights for me was setting up Cipo's first ever Highline with Hugo and then after a lot of practice....walking the line Solo without a leash!!! What an adrenaline rush... Read more...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long Live Micah Dash

Long Live Micah Dash...my brother..my homie...my hero.

Long Live Micah Dash. He went out doing what he loved in one of the most beautiful places in the world...we should all be so lucky. One of Micah's nicknames was Jew Pac and Tupac's "Picture Me Rollin" was always one of his favorite songs...so that's what the slideshow is set to. This really gives you a feel for what a funny, brilliant bad ass dude Micah was. Read more...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Spoils"

So this is the first installation of vertical carnival colorado. I will be bringing you a new dispatch every couple weeks featuring the world class climbing around these parts!!!

Vertical Carnival is officially stateside!!! While there will be more videos from Brazil in the near future, I needed to take a break and enjoy shooting and editing something different. This dispatch features Nellissa "Nellie" Milfeld sending a run out traditional 5.12 testpiece called "The Spoils" at Bell Buttress! Few if any females have led this risky and demanding climb!!! Nice one Nellie!!! Read more...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Culture Shock!!!

These are photos that Dickey took of me on this cool 5.12 R climb called the Spoils and soloing a beautiful 5.9 plus that is nearby! I first met Dickey about ten years ago so we go way back and it's been great to hang out with an old friend and talk about the "good old days." Dickey is a truely passionate and artistic photographer who has been chronicling the adventures of the "rock monkey" community for many years, and when he gets behind the lense he couldn't be happier. The photo of Nelly and I flexing with matching shoulder gobies is classic! These shoulder gobies are from the crux of the Spoils which involves really digging your shoulder into a shallow dihedral! Boulder Canyon is a short drive from the city of Boulder and is a great place to get away from the heat and get your climb on. The spoils was one of the first 5.12s in the canyon and is by no means easy for the grade. With one flaring tcu between you and the deck...you bust the crux...woohoo! I'll be here in Boulder subletting a room for a couple of months and getting out and after it as much as possible. I'll be pulling out the video camera to display some of the beauty and awesome climbing in Boulder Canyon...so stay tuned for that...Vertical Carnival is going to be here to stay. Lots of Love!! Cedar

So by now you probably realize that I am back from Brazil...four months and four ticket extensions later!! For those of you who have been looking forward to the next short video from Brazil...hang in there...I've been pretty busy lately but am nearly done with another cool dispatch. For now, I am back in Boulder getting my life in order after nearly five months out of the country!!! I've been climbing up in Boulder Canyon with my friend Nellie Milfeld and recently did a photo shoot with my professional photographer friend...John Dickey.... Read more...