Friday, June 19, 2009

SNEEK PEEK: speaker series_trailer

Since getting back from South America things have been pretty non-stop. Its been hard for us to focus on much after the death of jonny, wade & micah... Slowly we have been getting back on the path of inspiration in the spirit of our friends. Here is the latest project, a leaked preview of a "speaker series" that launches this fall around the US. thanks for following, ~renan


Friday, June 12, 2009

Video #27 "Conceicao"

So as you can see from the previous post I am now with a heavy heart after the tremendous loss of my good friends Micah Dash, Jonny Copp and Wade Johnson. Micah was one of my best friends...a brother from another mother, and I'm just crushed. His body has not been found and it seems that his final resting place will be in the mountains which he loved so much. While some people are lacking closure because Micah was not found, I find it a poetic ending to a beautiful life and think it adds to the true legend that Micah was and always will be. Long Live Micah Dash, Jonny Copp, and Wade Johnson!!!

To take my mind of of my sadness I have been hiding in final cut, editing this dispatch that you are checking out. Stay Tuned from more dispatches with the very very best saved for last. Next up Highlining in Cipo, and then...WOW! For those who have become regulars here at vertical carnival...GOOD NEWS! I'm keeping the blog stay tuned for more original videos capturing me and my friends adventures in Colorado, California and Beyond!!! Cheers every one and lots of love..>Cedar.

Took an hour drive from Serra do Cipo and discovered world class quartzite bouldering in a place called Conceicao! Brazil is truly a wellspring of quality rock. From Limestone, to Quartzite, to Granite, to Basalt, to Volcanic, and from the very small to the very big...this is the land of amazing rocks Read more...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Huge Loss of Micah, Jonny, and Wade in Sichuan Mountains China.

I first met Micah about eight years ago when he joined the Yosemite Rescue Team. Micah was a bad‐ass wall climber but had a lot to learn about free climbing the cracks. I remember stumbling around a corner one day at Arch Rock just in time towatch him take a giant whipper on a 10a‐plus fingers to offwidth crack called Midterm!As a seasoned crusty Yosemite veteran I hazed him with the appropriate amount of teasing and slander. To my surprise and delight, three years later Micah was cranking 5.12 cracks onsite and redpointing 5.13 quickly. “Remember Midterm” he yelled down to me one day from the top of a heinous Indian Creek finger crack that he on‐sited, and that I an hour earlier had whipped off, “this feels way easier than midterm,” he smirked. The tables had turned. Micah continued to progress at a blistering pace and was soon sending the gnar in the mountains and living the dream of a sponsored bad ass! Through Micah I met Johnny Copp who became Micah’s partner in the mountains and friend for life. Johnny struck, me as the archetype of everything an alpinist should be, big, burly, seemingly undaunted by the sort of situations that make most men pee their pants. He wore one of those infectious smiles that beamed positive energy, and the two of them together was a super strong if not somewhat comedic super team of the small and big. Micah was my brother and the loss I’m feeling right now is impossible to put in words…and I really haven’t event registered the reality that Micah will probably not be walking through the door gnawing on a carrot like a hyperactive rabbit and showing his rippling abs and asking if he looks fat. Right now the world just seems cruel and unfair…I’m going to miss you brother…I love you man….Cedar.

I have lost good friends Micah Jonny and Wade to an Avalanche in the Sichuan Mountains of China. There are no words for how deeply this tragedy is rocking our community..... The Latest Updates on Adventure Film