Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, because Renan and I have been busy with commercial projects, and climbing a lot, we haven't been able to produce any free content for the blog recently.  We love and cherish our Vertical Carnival Audience and hope to have some new stuff for you soon.  In the meantime..I thought I'd feature some videos put together by our friends.  A couple of these feature yours truly!  Below is a video put together by John Dickey for Black Diamond that gives you a peak into my world!  

Below is a video put together by a local Chilean filmmaker that features some pretty cool bouldering footage of myself Yuji, Honnold, and some local rock stars crushing! Stay tuned for a film I am working on that shows some of the other wild adventures that Honnold and I shared while down South.

Finally, This is a short Bouldering video put together by the 15 year old Stefan Lavender.  Stefan is one of my go to climbing partners, and he's been picking my brain about filmmaking and borrowing equipment when I'm not using it.  Not only is Stefan a bad ass 5.14 climber, but this is pretty cool for his first attempt at a short climbing film!!!