Monday, March 30, 2009

Tickets are Made for Changing!

To give you an idea of the last ten days, just imagine a bunch of over caffeinated under slept, over stimulated monkeys in a whirlwind of slacklines, traffic, rock climbs and night life…now add a few video cameras, still cameras, and some crazy Brazilian characters to the mix and you are starting to get the picture!
Just getting still photographs can be a bit of an undertaking, but it’s nothing compared to Video which takes an incredible amount of coordination, collaboration, and sometimes coercion…not to mention a little good old fashioned luck and timing to pull off successfully. Major Props to Nic Rosen for simul-tasking the roles of director, producer, and videographer! He only pulled a few small tufts of hair out of his head in the process! Now that Renan and I are the last men standing, it’s time to let the dizzying head-spin come slowly to a stop.

A huge shout out to the Bintang crew, especially Hugo, Diogo, and Lucas aka “Jah” who have stepped up my definition of the word hospitality! These guys have opened up there homes, driven us all over the city, and generally been indispensable, and inspiring. So a huge Obrigado to the Brazilian Monkey Crew at Bintang who have made a potentially harrowing adventure in Rio, smooth and seamless.

So according to the original itinerary, Vertical Carnival would be over now and the post your are reading would be a whimsical goodbye, a philosophical and nostalgic look back on the good times, the bad times, and all our adventures, but Brazil is just too darn much fun for that…so Renan and I have extended our tickets! We just don’t want the good times to end, and in our ten days here in Brazil we have barely scratched the surface of Rio, let alone this massive country. So…Renan is staying for another week, and I am staying for nearly another month! I’ve always been of the philosophy that life is short and your trips should be long…so there you have it!

To everyone who has been following the blog, we hope you are enjoying our “labor of love,” and thanks for taking the time to surf our blog a bit. Renan and I have both spent some late nights obsessing, micro-editing and generally burning the candle at both ends to bring you these dispatches. It got to the point where most of our inside jokes involved “Final Cut” terminology! So, while it may seem like a quaint little hobby, each two-minute or less clip represents countless hours of work; from shooting, to editing to upload, and then repeat!! It’s bigwall and beach time!! I get to chill, and bring you a couple more dispatches at a slower pace…before I head home! Stay Tuned!

Lots of LOVE to everyone out there!!! Cedar Wright.


  1. Yo Cedar,
    Thanks for all your work on the blog. It has been a pleasure to read. I know a lot of you travel regularly, or crush locally around B, CO. Please consider continuing the blog (in some form) after you guys finish up the trip.

  2. It has been so fun following you guys around, I swear.... I admit, that I'm sad it's almost over, but I'll keep checking back here Cedar... Have fun while you're down there... I love the "life is short, trips should be long" analogy.. Peace.... ~Erika