Friday, March 6, 2009

Video #11 "Ghetto Birds"

Welcome to Dispatch 11 Ghetto Birds. After our burl-gnar first ascent on Mochito which entailed nearly every size of crack known to man in it's 900 feet of suffer ascending, Renan, and I were worked. Stanley had sat the adventure out, and packed up his base rig for his dream mission the next day...the first ever wingsuit of El Mocho for the third ever basejump in Patagonia that we know of. On a wing and a prayer, Stanley jumped off of El Mocho. He took off like a rocket and literally flew over us as we jammed with the Glacier Allstars on the glacier below. When his parachute opened he was whisked higher than his exit point by unwieldy Patagonian wind turbulence and for over ten minutes was cast adrift above the glacier...leaving us all rather gripped that he may never come down. When Stanley touched down safe and sound we were all very very relieved. What a bad ass stunt!!


  1. Hey guys whats up?!?!?!
    if u want to pull on Brazils and South Americas best bouldering area(1500+ problems) contact me at
    peace and have fun in patagonia!!!

  2. yo boys! good to see the climbing and creativity is alive and thriving in festerland. keep your heads up and your eyes on the prize. sending the good vibes from j hole. jc

  3. Thanks for your comments guys... Sequipa, we will let you know about the bouldering it sounds really sick! Cheers, ~reo