Wednesday, March 11, 2009

video #14 "Enter Rio"

WoooHoo! We’ve made it to Rio and couldn’t be more psyched. A little sun and beach time does wonders for the Soul and we are soaking up the Brazilian “tranquil” culture as much as we can, drinking Acai, stumbling through Portuguese and getting to know the amazing climbing community down here with some of the coolest characters you will ever meet. People like Hugo who spent the last six months living in Yosemite learning, California-bulgarian-climber English from Ivo Ninov! Hugo has been a star, showing us around, and setting up one of the coolest Highlines EVER. Stay tuned for the totally unreal Highline footage that we’ve captured! Lots of Love…Cedar Wright


  1. another super installment. cheers and obrigado!

  2. Hey Guys your visit was awesome! i wonder where i can watch the whole episode. Meeting you guys was very pleasing too