Monday, June 14, 2010

Total Eclipse_The Australia Dispatch

This spring I spent a month an a half with James Pearson, Matt Segal, Heidi Wirtz, Rob Frost, and Jason Singer Smith exploring the climbing potential in Australia. We discovered wild unclimbed cliffs in Tazmania, and full on traddy-pucker-fests in the Grampians. They call it God's own stone for a reason, the Grampians is quite possibly the best rock I have ever climbed on, and The Totem Pole in Tazmania is one of the best climbs and single best spire I have ever have ever done. Rob Frost from Sender FIlms captured all the action for this year's reel rock tour, so stay tuned for that, it's going to be SICK!!! The Reviews are in and they are great! "The single greatest climbing music video to Total Eclipse ever created." "A new level for all other Movie Makers to strive for, and yet inevitably fail to achieve." "A work of pure unadulterated Genius." "The feel good climbing movie of the year!" ...Strap on your seat belts folks....this is going to be SICK!!! Stay tuned for the full story in this year's Reel Rock Tour courtesy of Sender Films. There's a reason they call it God's own stone!


  1. really cool. something new and fresh.

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