Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Living the Dream

Thanks for all the support for the Nikon Festival Submission. Although it was denied from the finals, I'm psyched about the experience....looking forward to future projects with art and climbing.

My quintessential day here in Boulder Colorado.

For most of the last 6 years I've been a traveling vagabond following my passion for art and climbing. This existence involved sleeping outside in wild places, hitching rides, having very little belongings, a drained bank account and some gourmet dumpster diving for food. I climbed everyday and lived my dream.

These days I'm a domesticated man. By most people's standards I'm still living in the ghetto with my 1988 beater car and trailer-like house. Each day I find time to escape to the nearby rock spires and bag a summit. Making this creative short I realized that I still live my dream everyday...!


  1. Renan, total BS yours didn't make the finals. These people just have no clue I guess. Climbing is a true sub-culture. peace

  2. Very Good Job Renan, I see your videos and Im sure I enjoy in each one !!!

    One hug from Catalonia

  3. baloney you didn't make it. i saw the others and they reminded me of junior high projects. NIKON SUCKS!!!!!

  4. wrap the camera in some padding. Cool idea.


  5. Renan,
    I was wondering what kind of camera was being used for your Tawoche Dispatches? Thanks,
    Owen Popinchalk

  6. You really should have won the contest. Jaja, I know it doesn't help to say that... I loved the wide angle shots! Really creative!

    Greetings from the north of Norway.

  7. Congrats man...your ideas and videos are spreading and motivating all over the world.

    Cheers! From ParanĂ¡, Brasil.