Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For those who click on the "Read More" tab you are rewarded with a funny story about Miguel. We were hanging out with some Brit climbers after I shot this short video and having a beer. One of the Brit's had worked for a company that sold "Penis Casts" to hospitals. It turns out that it is in fact possible to break the cartilage in your penis if a woman is riding you on top hard enough. Miquel was mortified, but also could see how it might happen. I believe that he was a changed man after that day and may opt for other positions whenever possible.

On another note, you will be happy to hear that there will be a couple more psicoblogs, and then I will return to my huge backlog of Brazil footage for more shorts from the trip that started this whole "verticalcarnival" never ending blog!!! To everyone who has tuned in...again thank you...if nothing else I hope it gives you a moment of entertainment...and perhaps a giggle or a smile. I'm off to Indian Creek for a pre thanksgiving adventure, so stay tuned for some footy from that...and Renan is working on a short POV solo tidbit from a quick adventure we had up in Eldo today...woohoo!!!!

If you are lucky enough to experience the extreme pleasure of a deep water soloing sojourn to Mallorca, there is a good chance you will meet deep water solo pioneer, Miquel Riera, a veritable living legend. Miquel is one of the coolest guys you could ever hope to meet, with an undying psyche for climbing, women, and partying. I followed Miquel around one day for a trip off the beaten path. This was perhaps the most intimidating day of the trip with rough waters and virgin rock!!! Enjoy the latest Psicoblog. Cheers. Cedar.