Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Norway Wall Classics part 2--STETIND

Part 2 of the Norway Road-Trip. Packed 4 deep in the Northern Alpine Guides Mitsubishi L300 minibus we took multiple mini ferry rides to most iconic peak of the country, Stetind. Not only is this peak a wild volcano-looking spire of granite (1,700 ft of rock!!), but the approach is also magical: endless blueberry patches, waterfalls, enchanted mushroom/mossy undergrowth and finally pristine alpine lakes.

Unfortunately we got hammered by a torrential rain storm close to the summit so there is not much climbing footage... Amee and I were able to top out the last few steep 5.10 pitches and were lost on the summit for a while before finding the descent while the rest of the team found an escape ramp.

Shot with seth's D90 and edited with much car-sickness on the windy single lane roads.

endless support


best from up north,



  1. Renan, enjoying the blog you and Cedar have. We actually crossed paths a couple times in the last few years. You let me take a burn on your TR at the creek on Air Sweden one cold Jan day. I also ran into you and Pete in Eldo climbing Inner Space once. I took some pics from the Bastille Crack.



  2. Hey ROB,

    Thanks for getting in touch, I hope all is well in your world!

    We are going to try to keep this blog going. Cedar is heading to Mallorca for some deep water soloing with Alex Honnold, Matt Segal & Emily Harrinton...he'll be posting regular dispatches.

    Best from Back in Boulder!