Friday, May 8, 2009

Video#21 "Out of Town"

So!! I have achieved what I initially though impossible and conquered the ultra slow internet connection here in Serra do Cipo to bring you the first in what will be many dispatches about this truly beautiful limestone paradise. I have been to many of the world's destination sportclimbing areas in the U.S., Spain and China, and think that this area is every bit as good as any of the top notch crags etched my "classic" climbs memory bank.

Future dispatches to look forward to include "Jah" doing one of the most bad ass solos I have ever witnessed which culminates with a show stopping dyno over a hundred feet off the ground. I also have filmed the locals cranking some of the areas most classic climbs so stay tuned for dispatches that show beautiful climbs like "Sinos" one of the top five best single pitch climbs I have ever done! Hugo and I set up a Cipo's first ever highline a week ago as well so stay tuned for yet another slacklining dispatch, and if all goes as planned I will be filming Hugo basejumping off of the Tabaleiro waterfall and then heading to Salinas so who knows how many more videos and how much more time the vertical carnival will see, but it won't be over soon.

I want to thank all of the climbers that I have met or who have given me beta on the blog or on the internet and apologize again for not being able to feature and visit every classic area that has been suggested. The good news is I am super psyched on Brazil, and will definitely be back. So...lots of love to everyone who has checked out this blog, and here is to lots of adventures and fun for you in the future. Cedar Wright!

The first in what will be four or five videos featuring soloing, hard sport climbing, highlining, and the raw beauty of Serra do Cipo, a little known world class limestone climbing mecca in the countryside of Brazil.


  1. You're a pretty damn good field-filmer.... what blows my mind is how you go so far at a distance just for the perfect shot... and the patience you have for the sunset blips and the rolling clouds.... awesome... never gets old... your vids....

  2. Hi Cedar!
    Thanks for your sincere testimonial about our beloved "home" at Serra do Cipó!
    You're always welcome here man! I think you may be already been caught by the Cipó's fever!
    Thanks for the good times, unplugged guitar sessions, climbing and good spiritual talks!
    Best regards from Brazilian Cipó's friends!

    Carlos Eduardo Diniz

  3. I know your time is limited and possibilities are near infinity. But I have to ask did you check out Conceição do Mato Dentro? It's only 30~45 min from Cipó? Every trip to Cipó includes a day in Conceição, boulders and more boulders, valley after valley, amazing place..


  4. I miss it!

    Ivan Veloso, now living in the cold Belgium...

  5. Very nice!! Makes us proud to live in a place like Brasil, Minas Gerais, BH, Cipó!! Despite all the problems we have here, I'm sure we are at least a very happy people!
    So, if you liked the party you went that saturday, april 25th, in our house at Cipó, and also liked the band (NERVUS), be at ease to use one of our songs in the Serra do Cipó videos!!! follows a link to hear some of the band songs at "my space" , if you don't remember very well. Actually, I was playing the guitar and don't remember a lot of things we played... ehehe.

    you'll be always welcome
    see ya

  6. Hey there everyone following the blog...thanks again for your time! To Flavia...yes I checked out Conceicao and you'll be happy to hear I got some amazing footage...which will eventually be another installment of the ongoing video blog. World class boulders next to world class sportclimbing...just amazing!!! To the guys at guys frigging rock...and I think I will use one of those songs for the Jah Solo dispatch which is coming soon! Yesterday I went to the Tabeleiro and filmed Hugo and a friend basejumping off the was amazing and the footage turned out stay tuned for that as well. Lots of love to everyone following the blog in Brasil, U.S. and beyond...cheers! Cedar.

  7. Hello Ceader, how you doing?

    I bet you miss it down here!

    My name is Xibir and I climb in Cipo Area, if you know anyone willing to Rock Climb in here, let me know, I will be glad to Help or Guide them!

    Tk Ton!

  8. ups!

    Forgot my contact: