Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Two Weeks Becomes Three Months!!!

For those of you who have been following the blog, you have probably noticed that nearly a month has gone by without a new post, well first of all, my aplogies, and second...there are several reasons for this month long drought of new content. The technical Guru Renan has left the building, forcing me to step up my blogging game, and I have spent the last month in a small town called Serra do Cipo where the internet works...sometimes and is slower than a snail on valium. The Slacker Stunts dispatch was actually created about two weeks ago but due to my lack of computer savvy and a botched ftp attempt...it comes to you a bit late! Better late than never right!!

The good news is that I have been pulling out the HD camera quite a bit here in Cipo! In the process I have captured some spectacular climbing, highlining, soloing, and scenic footage, so stay tuned for at least three and probably four blogs from Cipo, which incidentally has to be one of the best kept secrets
as far as world class climbing destinations go. We are talking impeccable limestone, dirt cheap living, beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes for rest days!
This is truely a rock climbers paradise, and every climber I talk to mentions another must see crag around the next bend.

My opinion is that Cipo is a future destination for climbers seeking world class limestone in an exotic setting. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say this is another Spain in the making with an endless supply of undeveloped rock for future climbers. Do not expect to tick the big numbers here though, my experience is that Brazilian climbers have fully embraced the spirit of the sandbag. Expéct to get schooled!

I have another month and half here in the country, so after Cipo, stay tuned for dispatches from Salinas, where Hugo and I will be climbing granite big walls together! Again, to everyone following the blog, thanks for tuning in...the fun never stops! Lots of Love, Cedar Wright.

When I planned the vertical carnival climbing trip, I slated two weeks for Brazil thinking that this would be plenty of time to sample a little climbing and familiarize myself with the "small" amount of climbing the country had to offer. Well...two months later, and on my third ticket extension, I have realized that there is in fact a life time of world class rock here in Brazil! It is strange to think that Renan who started this trip with me, has now been to Borneo and back, and I am still here!!! Let it be no secret I have fallen in love with Brazil!


  1. Hi Cedar. I always thought about that. You shoud also know the southern brazilian rocks. We have a amazing sandstone close to Curitiba in a beautifall Araucaria Forest with subtropical grassland landscape. In Rio Grande do Sul, there is amazing Basalt rocks. Try to keep some time to know diferents landscapes with nice rocks outside souhteast.
    Cheers, Pedro Hauck - www.pedrohauck.net

  2. I make mine, almost, Pedro's words. There's still many other places for climbing in Brazil besides southeast. Pedro mentioned the southern brazilian rocks, but there's also a lot of rocks here in the Northeast. Try to get a little info about Quixadá, in Ceará. Lots of granite towers scattered around the city. It's like a pre-historical landscape.
    There's some info on my blog: www.descedaidoido.wordpress.com; and an on-line guide for Ceará Climbing: www.escaladanoceara.com.br
    Hope you enjoy your time at Salinas!

  3. Hi Cedar,
    it is "Serra do Cipó"
    "do", not "de", for us makes a big difference

    by the way heard you loved the place and specially the route "Sinos de Aldebaran"
    yeh, I would like to send that one someday...

    waiting to see more posts
    see yah
    Flavia (a girl you met once or twice in Floresta)

  4. Hey man! Great blog and videos! Nice u like the crags, they are really crazy! Just give u some beta(like everyone else above hehehe) if u want to boulder, the place is Cocalzinho de Goiás, near Brasília. One the the places with the biggest amount of rock in south america. For sport routes there is also, in the state of Goiás, Belchior in the city of Águas Frias. Crazy caves with a lot of hard routes like the unrepeated Central do Brasil 10C br(8C+ fr). For highlinening and slacking there is the Chapada dos Veadeiros that have endeless waterfalls every direction u go. It's around the cities of São Jorge, Alto Paraíso e Cavalcante, all in Goiás. Just make shoure will know some local people and will be a paradise every corner!
    Good trips!

  5. Hey guys!! Thanks for all the beta, and sorry about the "de" not "do" thing...I'm learning a little Portuguese here but I've certainly got a long way to go! I wish that I could check out all of these places, but realistically I only have time for a good mission to Salinas before I head to Sao Paulo for the first North Face Store to be opened in Brazil! Then...back home to my family who misses me very much. I will be back to Brazil though, and hope to check out all of these amazing places. Most people don't realize that Brazil holds another Europes worth of rock! Consider yourselves Lucky! Cedar!

  6. Hey Cedar, take a look at this new: http://www.altamontanha.com/colunas.asp?NewsID=1353

  7. *Hello! Congratulations Cedar, fantastic vídeos; your extended time in Brazil let us proud. Don't worry about your Portuguese; for many of us it's dificult too, but the spirit of the trip is captured~! Have a nice home return!
    (Parabéns Cedar, vídeos fantásticos; seu tempo extra no Brasil nos deixa orgulhosos. Não se incomode com seu Portugues; para muitos de nós tambem é difícil, mas o espírito da viagem está captado~! Tenha uma ótima volta ao lar!)

  8. a correction, the route Centra do Brasil is a 8B+ fr.