Monday, May 25, 2009

Video #24 "Calada da Noite"

For those of you following the blog and hoping for more videos, you will not be dissapointed, I can promise you at least five more Cipo Videos, and I am considering keeping the vertical carnival going back in the U.S. by creating short videos of my adventures in Yosemite! Cheers, thanks for being a part of vertical carnival, and LOTS OF LOVE, Cedar Wright.

Follow local hardwoman Anne up another Cipo classic called "Calada da Noite" loosely translated as the "the cover of night." Calada was one of the first climbs I did when I got to Cipo and I knew I wanted to film someone on it before I left! The rock is impeccable, the moves varied, and the crux culminates with a technical and esoteric mantel...CLASSIC!


  1. I heart Anne ;c) She's awesome..... the red fingernail is the icing on the cake.....

  2. Very nice! I've never been on Serra do Cipó before, and your videos are becoming a calling for going there and trying those nice routes.

    And yeah man, keep up with the blog after you come back to US. We'd all love to see more of your adventures!

    Best regards!

  3. Anne seu ingles ta bombando!!!

    chic demais sô!!!

    Ivan e Debs