Friday, February 27, 2009

Video #9 "Onto The Glacier"

With our time in Patagonia running out we have now fully committed to a high camp on the glacier. This is what we live for: to be fully out there in the middle of a cirque of endless golden granite splitters and spiky summits. Our goal is still to establish a new line and help our close friend Stanley release Roberta's ashes from up high in a special place. However, at the moment, the peaks are looking fully plastered from one of the worst storm cycles in the last 50 years but we have found a probable first ascent and now just need a dry day... basically we have been losing our minds and festering hard in the damp tent rationing food and biding time.

At the end of the 3rd day Kempy and I decided to head out into the 40mph winds to the main flow of glacier to kill some time and get some images... and were rewarded so so sweetly!! We watched the most intense sunset I have ever experienced in the high mountains. The conditions for a shooting timelapse in the heavy wind were desperate, but I was able to improvise a rock-stack to help keep the tiny camera somewhat steady and share the dancing end of day light over the Torres.

So, with this break in the storm we are planning on going for it tomorrow on a new line.

Thanks for following the adventure!

Kind Regards to all,


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