Monday, February 9, 2009

Video #3 "The Arrival"


  1. good luck on your trip y'all.

    Renan-keep up the good work. I am watching you from behind my text books and coffee. Maybe someday I can be your expedition doctor!

    Say hi to dana drummond and josh wharton down there for me and climb safe little homie

    dave riss

  2. Hey Renan, It's nates old roommate Brian.

    My buddy was down in that area last week, you guys missed him by a few days. He didn't summit anything but said they had great weather. Hope you do as well, This climb looks awesome, I'm freakin jealous!!

    Best of luck, have a blast and get back safe dude. Nate and I are planning a trip in the spring TAKE US SOMEWHERE WITH YOU!! haha

    Brian Baecker

  3. Hey guys.. thanks for chiming in, so siked you are checking this out!!

  4. great videos. can you list the songs for each video..

  5. nice video, but the boulder starts from the floor. first movements are very beautiful

  6. yeah the girl is rigth! the boulder starts from the floor! the crux is on the first movements! osama is the name of the bloc