Tuesday, February 17, 2009


To cast your eyes on Patagonia's legendary peaks is to see mountains as you imagined them to be as a child, steep, spikey and symmetrical. Doctor Seuss couldn't have imagined a more perfectly surreal, gravity defying, jaw dropping, range. But we haven't seen much of these dream inspiring peaks since we've arrived, because they've been enshrouded in grumpy storm clouds for nearly the entire time we've been here, only peaking out long enough to let us know that they are covered in rime ice and buffeted by the sort of winds that blow people off summits.

You might imagine the morale of our team to be on the downward spiral into the black hole of delirium ridden depression that bad weather and no climbing can often include, but that's not the case. Thanks to the fact that El Chalten, the town where you wait out the weather, is located in a rain shadow created by the mountains...means even when it is nuking in the mountains you can be sampling the world class tip-shredding bouldering that is scattered around town. This is one of the few ranges in the world where you can actually get stronger in bad weather!

Not that it wouldn't be easy to fall into the tar pit trap of complaining about weather that is beyond your control! I certainly have fallen for that dead end street, but not this time!

Early in the trip I met a soulful young lady from Buenos Aires named Rocio, and she said something that will stick with me for all of my future expeditions rain or shine. She said, "So many of the climbers here are depressed and complaining about the weather, but I met these Brazilians and I really liked there attitude, they said 'There is No Bad Weather when you are with good friends in a beautiful place'" So this is my new hilosophy. The Weather is beyond our control so there is no sense wasting your life away worrying about it. There is NO BAD WEATHER, just rain and sun and clouds and wind, all of which are beautiful and necessary.

For Sure...Renan, Stanley and I would love to get up into the mountains for some climbing and when the time comes we will be PSYCHED!. In the mean time Renan and I have been enjoying the creative outlet of creating these video shorts for our blog. We both have a lot of creative passion for this process and hope to evolve into making successful and unique climbing films in the coming years. Hanging out with Peter and Nick from Sender Films has been a great opportunity to learn about the movie making process from two seasoned pros and get inspired for our own budding production company "ROCKMONKEY FILMS." It's been a fantastic learning curve for me especially.

For me personally, creating these shorts is exciting because they all feature my music which I produced in my spare time using my portable recording studio. Tracks were recorded in Yosemite, Tahoe, Moab, The Sierras and some of my other favorite mountain hangs! All the lyrics, vocals, guitars, synths, beats etc. are produced by me, and I'm happy to have them heard. Making this music has been a labor of love that I will continue to grow.

We have until the 26th of this month to get a window and realize some of our first ascent dreams, but regardless of what the future holds, this has been a fun trip, with good friends and good times both in abundance. THERE IS NO BAD WEATHER!

Lots of love to all of you out there living your lives...CHEERS, Cedar Wright!!!

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