Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hey Guys Cedar Here, be sure to get out for the Reel Rock Tour when it comes through your neigborhood! A bunch of the shots from the Daniel Woods Games segment, and Australia film are mine so psyched to be seeing my camera work on the big screen, and I star in the Australia segment along with Matt Segal, James Pearson, Heidi Wirtz, and Jason "Singer" Smith, which is the most hilarious climbing film ever!!

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  1. its going to be a stellar year for the reel rock tour - can't wait to see vancouver pop up on their tour schedge for all us west coast canada people. thanks for posting, cedar! btw - that jason vid has not gotten old one bit. I am not exaggerating to say it still comes up almost daily. Got my foot epically stuck on the grand wall a couple days ago and starting getting nervous, had flashes back to kruk. yikes! (nothing cinematic to report on the withdrawal process) cheers, allison