Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TAWOCHE 2k10 dispatches #3

Turn up the RADIO! Coming at you live from 17,000 ft. below the South Central (Gangsta) Buttress of Tawoche…
Renan and I are stuffed in a tent suffering from pounding altitude headaches. This after our 4,300 ft elevation jump yesterday on our final approach to BC comes as little surprise. We have never actually been accused of being the sharpest bowling balls on the shelf…so go figure.

Tawoche in all her glory rises above us another 5,000ft. With the view, comes the all to familiar rollercoaster of emotions that precede any alpine endeavor. Balancing fear and intuition, angst and energy, the action vs. the idea….they all flow into your already pounding cranial vault, leaving you exhausted before you’ve left the ground.
Since our last dispatch, we are one man, one camera, and one crucial lens down. Chhewang accompanied us to BC, but has since descended to Pangboche to wait. One 5D was tragically lost to a windstorm last night, as well the lens attached. Left with merely pieces, I am more than just a little bummed that the culprit time-lapse didn’t even make the cut for the dispatch.
Thanks for hanging with us…while we have no real comms up here, it means a lot to us to know someone might be listening.
c & r


  1. Great videos! Exciting to see the journey through your guy's eyes!

  2. Amazing footage as always. Keep it coming!

  3. Wow between the three of us that's one 5d and to GH1s!!! FUQ!!!

  4. great, the wall looks fantastic.

  5. Get Well! Ramro sanga Pataunus na!!!! Namaskar!

  6. Sorry you guys got so sick :-( Was great meeting you though and hope the rest of the trip goes well. Candida xx