Thursday, January 7, 2010

TAWOCHE 2k10 dispatches #2

The good news is the plane didn't crash...and there is no bad news.
The lights that dot the hillside outside our window go out one by’s late in Namche. Our floor is less carpet space than duffels overflowing with camera and climbing gear.

Namche is the hub of almost all activity in the high Khumbu and yet now in the off season, it’s hard to find a shop open before noon. We’ve been here for two days, breathing the thinner air, adjusting to the cooler days and hanging out with the Tibetan traders below the village. Thamserku, Kwangde, and Kusum Kanguru tower above us in an impressive trifecta of ice and stone...conditions look good and we are stoked.

Tomorrow we’ll leave before the sun hits the village and wander up the Thame valley towards Tibet. Our friend Chhewang Nima will come along fort he ride.. You’ve never heard of him...but you should have considering he’s climbed Everest 17 times (yeah, you read that right)! His is just another example of Sherpa modesty and stoicism.

The next four days will take us over the Renjo La at roughly 17,400 ft., down to Gokyo, and finally to Phortse where we will stage for our attempt on Tawoche. Three friends, two cameras, one trail....epic.


  1. Great footage! Thanks for this.

  2. great stuff thanks for sharing
    btw how do you carry all you equipment? do you carry it by yourselves?

  3. @simonstucki. Thx, we do have yaks & porters that help us get our gear from A to B. Its a great way to support the local economy especially in the off season!

  4. Keep it coming Renan. Great stuff as usual.

  5. Awesome video! Love your work. Keep it up and good luck with your climb.

    What song is this starting at 00:43?

  6. thanks for the answer, in the video I didn't see any yaks so I was wondering.

  7. Wow! Amazing footage guys. Best of luck!