Sunday, September 20, 2009


I hope everyone is enjoying these Mallorca Psicoblogs brought to you by my insomnia and The North Face. This has been a labor of love. Emily and James have headed home, but Matt, Alex and I are here for another week and a half of gut wrenching action. so stay tuned....Cheers. Cedar.

Mallorca is a climbers paradise, and is probably the best place in the world for Deep Water Soloing. For the last few days we have ventured out of the more popular areas and onto some of the more obscure, and horrifying ocean cliffs! In the process I have learned that if you hit the water can draw blood! This dispatch features Matt Alex and James on The Weather Man, a wild 5.13c with the crux 50 feet off the ground...


  1. Loving the Intros... Cedar, are those your beats?

  2. Thanks a lot everyone who is digging my videos! I've pulled some pretty delirium inducing all nighters getting these's a labor of love... Yes all of the music for the Mallorca blogs has been mine! These movies have been a great way to use my music which is one of my quirky passions... WOOHOO!

  3. I have been with us the firsts days in Cala Barques. I asked you for the videos ... increible psicoblog with increibles climbers ...
    The intros are great !!!
    I hope that it will continue soon.

    A spanish fan !!!