Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Currenty we are all running to Pakistan where we hope to make some shallow water solos of some slightly bigger mountains. The jog should take us a few weeks at a steady 200k a-day pace, but dont worry about a future lack of content, Cedar's logistical genius has it all figured out.

As you read this, 10,000 hermit crabs are scribing pictures in the sand, which will later be photographed by the Mallorcan nudism awareness team as they fly along the coast tracking the movement of these strange beach-dwelling creatures. Via the marvels of modern technology, the images will magically morph into a stop-motion movie that is so realistic you wont realize we have left at all.

As a taster, here is the 4th psicoblog, the first produced by the crabs. Im sure you will agree that the quality is far superior to Cedars usual work - these little beasties really have a talent. Routes in the film include Los-kot and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch and are two of the most fun routes I have climbed anywhere. Klem has a real eye for a line and there are a few more of his routes I am psyched on - stay tuned for more...

Good morning one and all. James Pearson here, reporting from not so sunny Mallorca. The rain has arrived hard and done its best effort to "F" us in the "A", but we are all genuine men here, real tough guy types and in the words of a pseudo-straight Austrian fashionista, "our assholes are just for shi#%ing"

At times the blasts of thunder have sounded like a gas main exploding, and raging torrents regularly wash dogs and small children away, but this has not stopped the unrelenting crush-fest! In fact, even with soaking wet holds, the routes on the island have put up little of a fight and so in search of a challenge worthy shriveling Alex Honnold's enormous throbbing testicles we have moved on to pastures new.....


  1. i am diggin' these videos.

    would love to see some feature length stuff. kind of a similar feel as woodshed production stuff minus all the surfing.

    very very rad.

  2. Tim's intro was pretty badass.

  3. I REALLY liked the Intro, that shit was Awesome!!!

  4. muy buenos los videos, excelente producción.
    I`m from Chile

  5. CEEDY! bueno! you are dialin your shizzy down, love all the videos...Downer this week!