Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Tooth Traverse

This piece is comprised of some of the attempts Zack Smith , Freddie Wilkinson and myself have put into the 'Tooth Traverse' of the Ruth Gorge, AK.

There has been a log going on surrounding our adventures: The 1st attempt was heavily embarked upon only days after the memorial for the deaths of our close friends​5065432, the 2nd attempt ended with helping with body recoveries of other climbers in the gorge and the just before our proposed launch day this past spring I almost died in a skiing accident.

Beyond the allure of enchaining one of the most iconic [& untrodden] skylines in NA the Tooth Traverse has come to represent so much more than that to us. With my healing going well and the inspiration (and angst) greater than ever we are planning another attempt in the NEAR future.

I see the eventual story breaching some pretty heavy topics involved in alpine climbing: sponsored vs. non-sponsored expeditions, dealing with death and the effect tackling dangerous objectives has on friends/family.

At any rate here is a little window into our work in progress. ~reo

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