Sunday, March 7, 2010


It turns out that the climbing and scene in Arkansas is not to be missed...I highly recommend a visit to Horseshoe Ranch, one of the most unique climber camps in the country. Today I was too knackered to climb, but I got to shoot a 38 special...that was different!!!

This march I headed out to Arkansas to give a presentation with Jeremy Collins for the American Alpine Club. I showed up a day early to get some climbing in and brought my GH1 to play with. I shot and edited this piece in a day, so that I could show the video at the beginning of my presentation....I was literally doing color correction and compressing an hour before I went on!!! People were psyched to see their home area on the big screen!


  1. Awesome post and great processing considering it was done in a day! Like how you seem to have visualized the shots you wanted beforehand!

  2. Cool Vid, Did you do the music, if not Who d'at?

  3. Thanks guys...the music is mine. I've been covering old school bluegrass songs lately with an electronica twist. This one is Muhlenberg County by John Prine.

  4. Cedar-

    Thanks for putting the effort into showcasing our little part of the climbing world. Enjoyed hangin' with you.


  5. Nice video Cedar! Hope you enjoyed your time in Arky. Kinda makes me miss it a little.

  6. Ive always been a fan of yours, since the first time I saw a North Face ad where you were climbing a splitter at Indian Creek, I believe. I just thought the photo had a cool asthectic. Now that your doing films and the look is yours,Im digging it even more.
    You're a gift to Vimeo and the web,Cedar.
    Keep it up...lets see some killah from Patagonia next season!
    Michael Berba
    Mestizo Consulting

  7. Great video! Love the airport shots!

  8. Actually, the John Prine song is called "Paradise", I think.

  9. Nicely done, Cedar. Would you ever be up for a technical style post where you give some insight on your camera equipment and production workflow?