Monday, August 24, 2009

Lofoten Islands Norway

Northern road-trip in Norway! This is a work in progress for Northern Alpine Guides, and features the owners/newly weds Seth and Maren on the 13 pitch 5.10 classic West Pillar of the Priest or "Presten" formation.

Its really unique to have a sustained route of this nature (nearly every pitch is 5.10) on a spire rising right out of the sea. These magical islands above the arctic circle (24 hr daylight in the summer!) are home to a rich history of trad climbing, mountaineering, and hard-core cod fishing.

You know it's a good trip when: you lose your new camera on the plane, your debit card gets "captured" by the ATM, you leave your credit card @the gas station, it rains every night and you have a single wall tent, you spill a big bottle of Dr. Bronners in your duffel, the iPhone drowns in a wet pocket & finally someone steals your frying pan...more to come....

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Thanks for checking in! ~renan


  1. Hey Renan and Cedar,

    I love what you guys are doing with Vertical Carnival. Your dispatches get me so stoked! Not only for climbing, but just traveling too.

    This semester I am taking classes in film production and digital arts. I was wondering how you two became so talented. Did you just learn on your own, or did you have some sort of guidance?

    Keep supplying the inspiration,

  2. yo mason,

    thanks for the kind words... we are ghetto & self taught... In the end it seems like its more about just being out there doing what inpsires you!



  3. nice Renan, really nice. glad to see you in your element... Karen

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