Saturday, March 21, 2009

Video #16 "Rio Craggin"

The whirlwind of Vertical Carnival continues to spin. The pace of the trip might best be characterized by the traffic that endlessly cycles through Rio, chaotic, fast paced, and seemingly never ending.

This is one of the most unusual settings I have ever climbed in; picture world class granite sprouting up in huge plugs throughout the city, with chunks of crazy jungle, and cactus sprouting out of the cliff. The climbing style is amazingly varied, from wild trad, to burly steep sport. Some of the most beautiful faces are littered with crystal intrusions and red and black streaks.

The people at the Bintang house especially Diogo, Hugo, and Lucas aka "Jah" have rolled out the red carpet for us, giving us a place to stay and driving us to the crags through the mind boggling maze that is the streets of Rio.

This dispatch gives you an idea of the wild climbing around the city, and features Lucas or "Jah" as he is better known. Jah is one of the coolest most psyched climbers I have ever met, and embodies the passion that we should all strive for in our lives. Hope you enjoy the dispatches...stay tuned for the Urban Art dispatch which will take you on a tour of the world class graffiti that is strewn across the city! Cheers and lots of love...Cedar Wright.


  1. Looking fwd to the graffitti..... Love following you guys... ~Erika

  2. Hey guys
    If you´re looking for some 1st ascents, there are some in the "Sierra" of Petrópolis next Rio. One 5.12b/c? crack with 2 pitches. And I have a project in an unclimbed wall of at least 600 meters. Mail me whether it interested.

  3. Hey guys
    I came across your blog and I have to give props for what you're doing. You're living the life that some of us in the real world grind dream of. Your cinematography and photography is fantastic, and does a great job showing off the shear beauty of the locations and the lifestyle. Keep the good stuff coming!


    oh, and I'm loving the pic at the top with the climber and the city in the background.... any way I could get a high res copy? That would make a great background. If you could, please email it to or post a link!

  4. Hi Guys!
    Ask to Hugo to bring you to Pracinha de Itacoatiara! The best boulder area in Rio. Come here!
    There's many projects of v12, v13 maybe!
    So, I wait for you guys! Hugs!

  5. Hey guys,
    I don't know if you still in Rio, but...
    I were with you in Gávea Stone and one of you talked with me about getting some images of climbing. If you still want make contact...
    And the boy above is saying the truth, Itacoatiara is an awesome place with good climbing, beautiful images and we have a highline here too.
    Whenever you want to come you're welcome!